Welcome to South Arkansas Community College. You will find that SouthArk is a great place to get started with your postsecondary education. The Office of the Vice President for Learning is responsible for overseeing all academic divisions including Liberal Arts, Health and Natural Sciences, and Career & Technical Education. On behalf of academic affairs, I want to "Welcome You" to SouthArk and encourage you to take advantage of the many programs offered at the college.

Since 1992, SouthArk has been providing an affordable postsecondary education which is only thirty-eight percent of the average Arkansas four-year university. Our programs will prepare you for the workplace, especially our health science and business and technical programs, but you can also come here and take the first two years of a bachelor's degree.

SouthArk participates in and is part of the Arkansas Course Transfer System, which allows for a smooth transfer of courses to any public institution in Arkansas. There is evidence that community college students do as well or better than native university students, once they transfer. We also have about fourteen health science programs, business and technical programs, education, and criminal justice. Our newest approved programs include Performance and Media Arts, Process Technology and Medical Laboratory Science.

My role is to support the academic programs and actively involve students in the learning process. Please remember that for every dollar invested at SouthArk, individuals will receive a much higher future income over the course of a working career. SouthArk's Vision includes striving "to be the leading resource for accessible education, workforce training, partnerships, and economic development for our region." Please come and join us!!