Finance and Administrative Services strives to support college programs and personnel by strengthening fiscal, physical and human resources (Strategic Initiative 4: Resource Development). In order to continually improve programs and campuses, SouthArk recognizes the importance of discovering new assets and advancing the ones it already has. By seeking new fiscal assets, both targeted and general, the college can grow and maintain its programs as enrollment continues to rise. Appreciating the value of existing assets, both physical and personnel, SouthArk will capitalize on these valuable assets by investing in their retention, maintenance, and ongoing development. 

The division includes the following departments:
• Human Resources
• Business Office
• Purchasing
• Campus Store
• Custodial Services
• Physical Plant
• Grounds
• South Arkansas Arboretum
• Fleet
• El Dorado Conference Center & Bistro
• Security & Parking

Students, faculty & staff, and community members with questions or concerns about any of these areas are encouraged to contact us at (870) 864-7160.