Dollars for $cholars Day

What is Dollars for $cholars Day?

A one-day event to help students and families complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Arkansas Universal Scholarship Application (YOUniversal).

Why should I attend?

If you are even thinking about education beyond high school, you will most likely need financial help.  Dollars for $cholars Day is the perfect place to get the help you will need to complete your financial aid application.

What should I bring?

The FSA ID you create by going to: at least one week before Dollars for Scholars Day.  A FSA ID is needed for both the student and your parents. 

Your latest tax information (2015 Tax Returns) for both you and your parents. 

If you don’t have your 2015 tax forms yet...come to Dollars for $cholars Day anyway.

2015 W-2 Forms

Social Security Numbers

What does it cost?

Nothing—It's FREE!

South Arkansas Community College, Ben Whitfield Classroom Building.

300 South West Avenue
El Dorado, Arkansas 71731
Veronda Tatum