AUTO 1504 Engine Repair 4
AUTO 1204 Brake Systems 4
AUTO 1604 Engine Performance 4
AUTO 1104 Manual Drivetrain & Axles 4
Semester Total 16
AUTO 1404 Automotive Electronics 4
AUTO 1804 Automatic Transmissions 4
AUTO 1304 Steering and Suspension 4
AUTO 1704 Heating and Air Conditioning 4
TECH 1003 Technical Math 3
Semester Total 19
Program Total 35

Basic Studies Requirements:

Reading - ACT 19 or above (or) ASSET 41 or above (or) COMPASS 80 or above (or) complete BSTD 0113 Reading Skills II.

Writing - ACT 19 or above (or) ASSET 42 or above (or) COMPASS 75 or above (or) complete BSTD 0213 Fundamentals of Writing II.

Math - ACT 15 or above (or) ASSET Numerical Skills 39 or above (or) COMPASS 36 or above (or) complete BSTD 0413 Elementary Algebra, the prerequisite for Technical Math.

Those students whose basic studies scores are below minimum levels must enroll in basic- studies courses and may concurrently enroll in program courses with the instructor’s permission. Minimum levels of basic skills must be attained prior to completion of the program.