Semester 1    
Course   Course Name  Semester Hours
TECH 1111 Student to Work Transition
EDEQ 1003  Fund of Mechatronics & Industrial Maintenance 
IDEQ 1404 Fundamentals of Electricity & Electronics 
CSCI 1003 Computers and Information Processing 
ENGL 1113 Composition I
TECH 1003 Technical Math OR   
MATH 1023 College Algebra 
Total   17 
Semester 2    
IDEQ 1414 Electronics and Electrical Circuits
IDEQ 1604 Fluid Power 
IDEQ 1904 Industrial Motors and Controls 
PTEC 1123 Safety Health and the Environment OR   
TECH 1203 Industrial Safety 
Total   15 
Semester 3    
MECT 1804 Introduction to PLC
MECT 1504 Digital Circuit Technology 
ENGL 1123 Composition II *OR   
ENGL 2043 Technical Writing for Industry 
IDEQ 1103 Blueprint Reading for Industry 
Total   14 
Semester 4    
MECT 2203 PLC Applications
IDEQ 2003  Industrial Mechanics & Mechanical Devices 
Electives  Social Science * (ECON, PSYC, SOC, HIST, PSCI, GEOG) 
Electives  Choose five or more credit hours from the list below 
Total   14 
Total    60 
Choose (You must have at least 60 Credit hours of approved courses to complete this degree):
MECT 2803  Introduction to Robotics  
MECT 2402  Transducers   
PHYS 2024  Physical Science   
CSCI 1323  Fund of Networking   
TECH 2614  Internship   
Other PTEC, MECT, IDEQ, or WELD classes with approval of Dean