ENGL 1123 Composition II or 
ENGL 2043 Technical Writing for Industry*
PTEC 2364 Process Technology II – Systems 4
Elective Social Science/Economics Elective 3
Elective PTEC/IDEQ/WLD Restricted Elective or Internship*** 3/4
Semester Total


PTEC 2474 Process Technology III – Unit Operations 4
PTEC 2484 Process Trouble Shooting 4
PTEC 2333 Process Instrumentation II 3
Elective PTEC/IDEQ/WLD Restricted Elective or Internship*** 4-Mar
Semester Total 14/15
Total Program Hours 60/62

* College Algebra, Chemistry I for Science, and Composition II are strongly recommended for those planning to continue their education at a four-year college. Tech Math, Fundamentals of Chemistry, and Technical Writing are suggested for those going directly into the workforce, with no plan for pursuing additional degrees. 

**Higher level CSCI courses may be substituted with Dean’s approval

***Electives include up to two industry internships and all 3 or 4 hour IDEQ or WLD courses

Basic Studies Requirements:  
Reading - ACT 19 or above (or) ASSET 41 or above (or) COMPASS 80 or above (or) complete BSTD 0113 Reading Skills II.
Writing - ACT 19 or above (or) ASSET 42 or above (or) COMPASS 75 or above (or) complete BSTD 0213 Fundamentals of Writing II.
Math - ACT 15 or above (or) ASSET Numerical Skills 39 or above (or) COMPASS 36 or above (or) complete BSTD 0413 Elementary Algebra.