Obtain an Application:

Applicants may obtain an application from the PTA offices (rooms 250 and 252 Health Science Center) on the first day of the spring semester after completion of prerequisite coursework or enrollment in final prerequisite coursework.

Complete the application: A completed application includes demographic information, information pertaining to individuals who are to complete the recommendation forms, educational history, employment history, personal statement, observation forms, complete signature of applicant, and signed release for background check.

Transcripts from other colleges: South Arkansas Community College must receive official transcripts from all colleges in which the applicant has obtained college credit. Applicants should make arrangements through SouthArk's Office of Enrollment Services to obtain this information in a timely manner. (Note:  some colleges require a fee for this service.)

Recommendation forms:   Three (3) recommendation forms are included in the PTA Application Packet. The applicant should complete his/her name and SouthArk ID# on the form prior to providing one of these forms to three separate individuals. Recommendations from relatives / family members will not be accepted. Applicants are encouraged to seek recommendations from employers/supervisors, college faculty, or PTs/PTAs who can attest to the applicant's maturity, communication skills, and dependability. Recommendation forms are due on/before March 1. It is imperative that recommendation forms be submitted directly to the PTA Program (recommendation forms that are hand-delivered by applicants must be in an enclosed, sealed envelope on which the recommender has signed the seal).

Submit the Application:

  • Completed applications must be submitted on/before March 1 to the PTA Program Faculty directly either in person or by mail (PTA Program, rooms 250 and 252 Health Science Center, South Arkansas Community College, 300 South West Avenue, El Dorado, AR  71730).
  • Signed "Disclosure and Release form" must be included for application to be complete.

Class size

The PTA Program at SouthArk is limited to 20 students each year.  Students not accepted into the upcoming class are encouraged to re-apply for the future PTA class.

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program has a selective admission process for qualified applicants. Selection is made based upon students whose applications reflect:

  • the GPA in all prerequisite courses;
  • the GPA in Science courses (BIOL 2064/L, Anatomy & Physiology I; BIOL 2074/L, Anatomy & Physiology II / Lab; and BIOL 2304/L, Kinesiology / Lab);
  • the TEAS scores;  and,
  • recommendations, observation forms, and personal statement.

South Arkansas Community College and the Physical Therapist Assistant Program does not unlawfully discriminate in the selection of students to the PTA Program.

Those students who were accepted into the PTA Class of 2016-2017 achieved the following:

  • Science GPA (average) 3.7
  • Prerequisite GPA (average) 3.6
  • TEAS Reading 71.3
    • Math 73.3
    • English 66.2


Timeline for Selection

  • Applications are available to prospective PTA students the first day of the spring semester.
  • Completed application, release for background check, observations forms and recommendation forms are due on/before March 1.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges must be received in the Office of Enrollment Services on/before March 1.
  • On/before March 31, each applicant will receive written notification of the status of his/her application to the PTA Program.
  • At the close of spring semester, all qualified applicants will be considered for acceptance based upon the selection criteria listed above. Each applicant will receive written notification of acceptance, or non-acceptance.

Students not accepted into the PTA Program at the time of application are encouraged to meet with the PTA Program faculty to devise an academic plan to enhance their qualifications for re-application.