Academic Qualifications
Applicants must successfully complete the following courses* with a minimum of a grade “B” in each science course (BIOL 2064/L, Anatomy & Physiology I; BIOL 2074/L, Anatomy & Physiology II / Lab; and BIOL 2304/L, Kinesiology / Lab) AND a combined GPA of 2.75 or greater

Course Number Course Title Number of Credit Hours Minimal Grade Required
ENGL 1113 Composition I 3 credit hours C or better
ENGL 1123 Composition II 3 credit hours C or better
MATH 1023 College Algebra 3 credit hours C or better
CSCI 1003 Computer & Information Processing 3 credit hours C or better
PSYC 2003 General Psychology 3 credit hours C or better
BIOL 2064/L Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab 4 credit hours B or better
BIOL 2074/L Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab 4 credit hours B or better
BIOL 2304/L Kinesiology / Lab 4 credit hours B or better
PTAP 1002 Introduction for Physical Therapist Assistants 2 credit hours C or better
HCIT 1003 Medical Terminology 3 credit hours C or better

* Any substitutions to the stated academic prerequisites must be approved by the PTA Program Director prior to application to the PTA Program.

The TEAS examination must be completed at any time prior to March 31 of the year in which the applicant expects to enter the technical phase of PTA training. Arrangements are to be made through the Testing & Learning Center, Room 220 of SouthArk's Student Center (SSC). There is a $ 55.00 charge for this examination.  Applicants must achieve an acceptable score in all areas of the exam (minimal score requirements are as follows:  Reading 55; Math 55; and English 55). Students who are unsuccessful in meeting the minimal scoring requirements will be required to follow the Health Sciences policies regarding remediation and re-examination. PTA Program applicants are allowed to take the TEAS a maximum of three (3) times to achieve a successful score. Tutorial work is available in SouthArk’s Testing & Learning Center (at no charge) for the TEAS.  Only scores obtained within 18 months of application will be accepted.

Criminal Background Information
Each applicant must successfully pass a criminal background check.  There is a $53.00 charge for the background check.  

Physical Therapy Observation
Students must conduct eight (8) total hours of observation in two (2) different physical therapy settings under the direction / supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist OR a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. One physical therapy setting must be in a home health, OR in a nursing home (long-term care) setting. The other physical therapy settings can be in an acute-care facility, a rehabilitation unit, pediatric center, OR out-patient clinic.  Applicants who are employed as physical therapy technicians/aides may have supervisor (PT/PTA) complete one (1) of the observation forms.  Observations must have occurred within the prior two (2) years, and should be submitted prior to March 1 of the year in which the student is applying to the PTA Program.  Attached to the application are the appropriate forms to document these observations. Students completing observations prior to application may obtain the appropriate forms from the PTA Program offices.