The division of Liberal Arts serves the post-secondary educational needs of both the district and the state principally by offering general education courses and the first two years of a baccalaureate degree. The division centers its mission on a high-quality general education program emphasizing the liberal arts and critical thinking skills. It seeks to prepare students for the world of work and for further education.

General Studies and Liberal Arts


SouthArk is a great place to start your college education. For the same general-education classes with the same credits that you would get at a state university, you will pay far less money.

We offer an associate’s degree in liberal arts (this is a general-transfer degree that upon completion will give you status as a junior at any Arkansas public university) and a technical certificate in general studies (also transferrable).

Business and Computer Information Technology

We offer programs which provide education to students seeking employment in the challenging and rewarding career in business and management.  We offer a Technical Certificate and an Associate of Applied Science with a Mid-Management option.

Computer Information Technology

Our Computer Information Technology program emphasizes the basic concepts of computer systems while providing training for entry-level positions.  SouthArk’s objective is for students to gain the knowledge, professional confidence, and intellectual maturity to secure higher-level jobs.

Early-Childhood Education

Our early childhood education program trains students to educate and care for children at child-care facilities. We offer a certificate of proficiency as well as a technical certificate in early-childhood development and an associate’s degree in early-childhood education.



We also offer an associate’s degree in teaching, designed to transfer to a university program for students who ultimately want to become classroom teachers. An agreement with an area university also makes it possible for students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in teacher education while taking university classes on campus at SouthArk.

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement

Our criminal-justice program is designed to train students for careers in law enforcement. We offer certificates of proficiency in both law enforcement and criminal justice, and an associate’s degree in criminal justice administration.

Performance and Media Arts

Designed to train students to be performers or technicians in the entertainment industry, we offer an associate’s degree in performance and media arts with a concentration in film, theater, or music.