The Entrepreneurship program is designed to prepare students to start, develop, finance, manage and harvest new ventures with high growth potential. Students will examine current academic theory, best practices in the field and will be exposed to successful practicing entrepreneurs. Courses are presented within an active learning environment so that students develop the necessary skills to initiate their own ventures, join the family business, or work in entrepreneurial firms anywhere in the world.

Technical Certificate

Technical Certificate
ENGL1113 Composition I 3
ACCT 2003 Principles of Accounting I 3
TECH 1003 Technical Math 3
ENTR 1003 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
BLAW 2013 Legal Environment of Business I 3
CSCI 1003 Computers and Information Processing 3
ENGL 1123 Composition II 3
ACCT 2103 Principles of Accounting II 3
ENTR 2033 Feasability and Funding 3
ENTR 2003 Professional Selling/Advertising 3
ADMS 2063 Business Communications 3
Semester Total 19
Program Total 36
Basic Studies Requirements
Reading - ACT 19 or above (or) ASSET 41 or above (or) COMPASS 80 or above (or) complete BSTD 0113 Reading Skills II.
Writing - ACT 19 or above (or) ASSET 42 or above (or) COMPASS 75 or above (or) complete BSTD 0213 Fundamentals of Writing II.
Math - ACT 15 or above (or) ASSET Numerical Skills 39 or above (or) COMPASS 36 or above (or) complete BSTD 0413 Elementary Algebra the prerequisite for Technical Math.