GED or High School Eqivalency Diploma

The Arkansas High School Diploma can be earned by passing a series of general knowledge exams.  The following subjects are required for GED Testing: social studies, science, reading language arts, and mathematics.  Students will receive instruction in all subject areas and undergo a series of assessments to prepare them for official GED Testing. 

Students ages 16-17 are able to enroll in GED courses based on TABE Level and official release from public/private school.  Students age 16-18 are required to pass the Civics Exam before starting the testing process.

English as a Second Language - ESL

This class is designed for students who have little or no background in the English Language as well as students who have limited use of the English Language.  Alphabet sounds, simple commonly used verbs, and basic understanding of grammar and basic functional language are emphasized for the beginning students.  Intermediate and advanced students learn to speak in various situations and become more comfortable in speaking in different social gatherings.  Intermediate and advanced classes focus on clarity of pronunciation, speed-reading, vocabulary building, written essays, and formal speech presentations.


Arkansas Workforce Alliance for Growth in the Economy (WAGE) Program is an official State of Arkansas Certificate designed to address the need to improve the workplace basic skills of the unemployed and under-employed labor pool.  The WAGE Program is an industry, education, and community collaborative for workforce development.  The program incorporates an alliance among local employer advisory council, adult education services, employment and training agencies, industrial development foundations, and county/city governments to identify and provide training in those literacy skills essential to most entry-level jobs in the community.