Courses are organized on demand.  Schedules are published 3 times per year. Anyone interested in offerings not scheduled or anyone wanting to be added to the schedule/class notification e-mail distribution list may contact the Corporate Education office, (870) 864-7192 or email  .  The schedule of current open enrollment classes is available by clicking on the picture of the schedule located on this page.

Corporate Education instructors are selected for their skills and expertise in a variety of fields. They are drawn from businesses, the professions, government, the College faculty, and the community. Anyone interested in teaching may call (870) 864-7192 or email Prospective instructors are furnished with a course proposal form to fill out and return. After the proposal is reviewed, the instructor is invited to do a teaching demonstration.

High school graduation or previous college attendance is NOT required to take a non-credit course. College-credit classes require the normal registration procedures such as placement tests, shots, and registration paperwork.  For information regarding a course, students may e-mail ce (at) or call 870- 864-7192.  Students are officially registered in a course when they complete registration and pay fees.  Individuals may pay for their course by one of the following methods:  (1) call 870-864-7163 to pay with a credit card; (2) go to the bookstore on the West Campus (3) go by the Center for Workforce Development (with the correct amount or a check). Employers may be billed for courses by contacting Sherri Whitehead at 870-864-8453 or swhitehead (at) The College reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment.

Course fees vary with the length of classes and course content.  Fees usually include supplies or textbooks unless otherwise noted.

Corporate & Community Education Cancellation Policy

If the college cancels a class, the student and/or company will not be charged.  If payment has already been made, a full refund will be issued for the canceled class.  

If an employee is unable to attend a Corporate Education class, a company representative must email the name of the employee to be removed from the class roster at least 7 business days prior to the start of class.  If a student is not canceled within that time frame, the company will be charged a 50% course cancellation fee.  

If a individual is unable to attend a Community Education class, an email must be sent at least 7 business day prior to the start of class to receive a full refund.  If the cancellation is not done within that time frame, the individual can opt for a 50% refund or credit to be applied to another class.  There is no refund for the culinary programs.