What courses will the VA pay for?

The VA does not pay for courses which are not prerequisites or required in students’ degree programs. Students are responsible for ensuring that the courses apply toward their degrees. If they are not sure, they should consult with their academic advisors. If students wish to take courses that are not required, we will certify only the required courses and report a change in status affecting only those courses.

Does VA pay for repeated courses?

VA will pay for repeated courses as long as they are required and the grades previously earned do not meet degree requirements. Enrolling again in a course from which a student withdrew is not considered a repeated course. If a student declares academic bankruptcy, the VA does not pay for repeated courses unless the student earned an unsatisfactory grade the first time the student attempted the course.

Does the VA pay for remedial or refresher courses?

The VA will pay for a remedial course if the student has a deficiency in the subject. The VA will not pay for refresher courses.

What happens when a student withdraws from a course or resigns?

If the withdrawal changes the student’s enrollment status, the VA will reduce the student’s rate of pay. If the withdrawal occurs during the drop/add period, as defined by the VA, an adjustment is made on the rate of pay. If the withdrawal occurs after the drop/add period, the reduction may create an overpayment, unless there are mitigating circumstances. If there are mitigating circumstances, the student must submit a “Statement in Support of Claim” to the VA. The statement needs to include the VA file number. If the VA does not approve the claim, the overpayment is applied retroactively to the beginning of the semester. The only exception is the “one-time up to six-hour exclusion” which does not require mitigating circumstances.

What happens when a student is deployed?

If students are deployed, they should contact the Office of Veterans Affairs immediately and, if possible, provide copies of their orders. If resignations or changes of status occur for this reason, the VA will not charge students with overpayments, provided they submit documentation. Students must contact their deans’ offices to initiate resignations. Students who were deployed for Operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle were given 100 percent refunds of tuition and most fees. A copy of the University policy on military deployment is available in the Office of Veterans Affairs. Students who resign because they are deployed need to re-apply for admission, if they are not enrolled for a regular semester. The application fee is waived with proper documentation of the deployment.

What are the VA monthly pay rates?

Current monthly rates for education benefits can be found on the VA website (www.gibill.va.gov/education/benefits.htm).

How does the VA pay monthly benefits?

With the exception of advance pay, the VA pays at the end of each benefit month. Students receiving Chapter 30 and 1606 benefits are required to “verify” their enrollment status on or after the last day of the month. Students may verify by calling the toll-free number (1-877-823-2378) or by accessing the VA website (


Upon verification, the VA will process the payment and send it to the student either by mail or direct deposit. It is highly recommended that students elect the direct deposit option to eliminate lost or stolen checks. In addition, students using direct deposit receive benefits in four or five working days as opposed to seven to ten days by mail.

Chapter 35 does not yet have the direct deposit option.

How do I know if I qualify for VA educational benefits?If you believe that you may be eligible for any of the above VA education benefits, you can visit the VA website (www.va.gov) and click on any of the topics about which you are interested. If you need to submit a form to the Office of Veterans Affair or the VA, click on the “forms” button. Some forms are also available on this website and in Office of Veterans Affairs.