The Federal Work-Study (WS) program is a way for students to earn money to help pay for their educational expenses.

There are many WS jobs available, so you have an excellent chance of being hired. Employers benefit by receiving a government subsidy when they hire WS students, so they are more likely to hire a student who is eligible for WS.

The WS program is a good way to help serve your community ( such as tutoring) and by working in areas related to your course of study.

Employers let you work a flexible schedule that won't conflict with your classes.

FWS is a financial aid need-based program, so your income does not affect your future financial aid eligibility, even though it is taxable.

Your FWS employer can become an excellent reference for your resume. Many employers are impressed with students who have work experience and who worked while attending college.

Work-study can be a valuable experience where you'll learn communication skills, time management, critical thinking, as well as special job skills such as using computers and office equipment.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at (870) 862-8131 ext. 238 if you have more questions about the Federal Work-Study program.