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 Transcript Request Form

Seven Easy Steps to Admission and Enrollment

Step 1: Admissions

  • Complete an Online Application for Admission.
  • Send official transcript(s) directly to Office of Admissions from your college or high school/GED attended.
  • Provide immunization records proving 2 MMR shots if born after January 1, 1957, to the Office of Admissions.
  • Submit placement test scores (ACT, Accuplacer, COMPASS, ASSET, SAT).

PLEASE NOTE: Admission may only be confirmed upon receipt of the student's FINAL transcript and after completion of their current high school term. At that time the student may expect a letter with a confirmation of their acceptance to SouthArk.

Office of Admissions: 870.864.7195,, 2nd floor, Conference Center, Student Services, 870.864.7137 (F)

Step 2: Placement Testing and Test Prep

  • Reading, English/writing, and math placement scores must be submitted.
  • Our placement exam is not timed, costs $10, and takes approximately 2 hours to complete.
  • The Testing and Learning Center has test prep resources available, including practice tests, skill-building websites, and tutoring.

Testing and Learning Center (TLC): 870.864.7196,, 2nd floor, Conference Center, Room 220

Step 3: Financial Aid


  • Students are strongly encouraged to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  • Go to, SouthArk's school code is 013858.
  • Financial aid programs include scholarships, loans, and student employment opportunities.

Office of Financial Aid: 870.864.7150,, 2nd floor, Conference Center, Student Services

Step 4: Advising, Registration, and Orientation

  • Make an appointment with your Advising Coach.
  • On-campus registration with an Advising Coach is strongly encouraged for first-year college students.
  • Attend New Student Orientation and complete the Campus Technology course, see your Advising Coach.

Registrar: 870.864.7142,, 2nd floor, Conference Center, Student Services

Step 5: Student ID and Parking Decal

  • All students are required to have a SouthArk photo ID.
  • A FREE student ID and lanyard are provided to all new students.
  • Parking decals and student ID's are available at the Learning Center.

The Testing and Learning Center (TLC): 870.864.7196,, 2nd floor, Conference Center, Room 220

Step 6: Tuition and Fees

  • All tuition and fees must be paid by the payment deadline or all courses will be dropped.
  • Out-of-state tuition waiver form can be found at
  • Payments can be made in the Bookstore or through a payment plan on MyCampus.
  • The Student ID number is sent to email address provided on the application.

Bookstore: 870.864.7163,, 1st floor, Conference Center

Step 7: Textbooks and Classes

  • Bring your printed schedule to the Bookstore to receive all required textbooks and materials.
  • Retain all receipts in case purchased items need to be exchanged or returned.
  • Visit all on-campus classrooms prior to the first day of classes to become familiar with their locations.

Bookstore: 870.864.7163,, 1st floor, Conference Center

Student Advising Coaches

The Department of Student Advising Coaches is committed to striving for excellence in service by preparing students for a life of continual learning, adaptability, and individual fulfillment. Advising engages students in a developmental process to facilitate educational planning, and to provide guidance toward academic independence and self-sufficiency.

Empowering you on your path to success.

If you need help dealing with a student issue, click here to visit the Retention Center.

Student Advising Coaches

Student Advising Coaches

HeatherGSmithAdvisor2017 2Heather G. Smith, Director of Student Advising Coaches
ECC 255 (located in Student Services)

About Heather

I am Heather G. Smith, Director of Student Advising Coaches at SouthArk Community College, I have held several different positions here at SouthArk, but this is my favorite one so far.  Advising students and teaching SouthArk Success classes, both in-class and online, makes my days!  I believe if you love what you do, you never really feel like you’re at work.  I am lucky to be in the perfect position for me with wonderful coworkers who also love what they are doing. It makes for many great days.

I live in El Dorado with my spouse, 2 cats, and 2 dogs.  I like DIY tasks around the house, gardening, knitting, craft projects, music, watching HGTV, yard sailing, traveling, and card games.  Autumn is my favorite time of year, with winter being a close second.  I am from upstate New York (the Hudson Valley) so I miss the crisp autumn air, and beautiful colored leaves in deep reds and oranges.  The cool temperatures turn the leaves up north colors that we just don’t see down here in the south.  I’d be happier if we had more snow than hot days.

I received 2 degrees from SouthArk (an AAS in Office Occupations and an Associate of Arts), my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Management (BBA) from UALR, and my Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on Ethics from Harding University.  I believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, if you’re willing to work hard enough for it.  My favorite quote is “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” By Mahatma Gandhi.  Enrolling at SouthArk Community College is a great way for you to start becoming the person you were meant to be.

Student Advising Coach/Student Activities Specialist 
ECC 254 (located in Student Services)

Student Advising Coach

Please see Dean Inman or Heather Smith for advising.

DeanInman2017Dean Inman, Dean of Enrollment Services 
Academic Advising
ECC 258 (located in Student Services)

About Dean

}Dean Inman, Dean of Enrollment Services (Yes that makes me Dean Dean, Dean squared) started at SouthArk before most of you were born.  Dean started at the college as the Director of Student Support Services, then moved to be Registrar, and finally to Dean of Enrollment Services. He spends his 30 minutes of spare time away from the college: reading, playing with his dogs and pondering the great questions of the universe. If you are driving at the speed of light in a car, what happens when you turn on the headlights?

AlejandraMunoz2017Alejandra Muñoz, College & Career Coach Advisor 
Concurrent Credit

ECC 241 (located in Student Services)


About Alejandra

Alejandra currently serves as the College and Career Coach Advisor.

Alejandra has worked in education since 2009 and has served in various roles, which include institutional diversity, undergraduate education, academic advising, student affairs, as well as recruitment and retention efforts for First Generation College students. Alejandra earned a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Finance from Texas A&M University and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Baylor University. Her research focuses on how the social context in the college experience impacts the way undocumented students make meaning of their identity.

In her free time, Alejandra likes to take road trips and explore the many beautiful regions of the United States. Her goal is to see all 50 states by the age of 50! Her hobbies include crafting, hiking and cooking vegan meals. She also loves to spend time with her husband, her family, and her friends. One of her favorite quotes is “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” because she believes in making the best of every opportunity.

KathyReaves2017Kathy Reaves, Director of Career Pathways Initiative
Radiologic Technology, Surgical Technology 
Career Pathways Students
ECC 253 (located in Student Services) 


About Kathy

I grew up in Mt. Holly, and graduated from high school in 1974 (yes, I am that old!!!). I attended SAU and graduated in May 1977 with my bachelor’s degree in English Education. After marrying my wonderful husband in September of that same year, we moved to Little Rock. My 2 sons were born there, and in 1990 we moved to Texas.  

I have been back in South Arkansas for the past 10 years. I have worked in Career Pathways here at SouthArk since April 2007 – first as the administrative assistant, then the counselor, and now the director of the program. I love what I do, and one of the best “perks” of my job is watching students who CPI has helped walk across the stage at graduation!

SusanSpicher2017Susan Spicher, Education and Early Childhood Program Director 
Whitfield classroom building, 2nd floor, north end 



The next day that I will be in the office for advising is on Monday, July 2nd. Please give students this link to sign up for appointments: 
If they need to contact me it is best to email and please let them know they should use their college email.
Thanks so much,


About Susan

I consider advising and learning as a partnership. We all work together and we all learn together. Even after all these years I have plenty to learn about children, teaching, administration, and just life in general. My goal is to be a resource and a mentor to each of my students and advisees so you may work continually toward your full potential and goals.

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and I am the fourth of nine children.   I can't really remember a time that I did not enjoy being with children. At the age of 10, I was already developing my teaching and nurturing skills. In high school I took a DCT training program that allowed me to go to school half day and work half day. My first position was as a teacher's aide in a 3 year old class. This first experience helped me to confirm that education was my calling.

What I have learned through life is there is nothing that can stop you when you set a goal and focus on accomplishing that goal. Life happens for all of us. When I went to undergraduate school I was able to attend full time for two years and then after getting married attended part time. It took me 15 years to get a Bachelor’s degree that came about through several major life changes and realigning of goals.

My career path has led me through 7 years as an Early Childhood Teacher, 20 years as an Early Childhood Program Director that included being the principal of a private elementary school. I have worked as a consultant in the reimagining and design of several early childhood programs.  I was an adjunct professor in Early Childhood Education for 11 years in the Los Angeles area before moving to Arkansas to take my position as Education Program Director in 2012. Through the years I continued my formal education acquiring a Master’s degree in Education and a second Master’s in Early Childhood Education in addition to course work for a PhD in Early Childhood Education.

My little family includes my husband of 40 years and my youngest brother, Andy, who is an adult with developmental disability. Then of course there is our dog, Diamond, who brings so much joy to our lives. In my spare time I love to oil paint, draw, crafting, crochet, and sing gospel/Christian music. I love to laugh and strive to bring joy into the lives of all those I encounter.

There are always going to be obstacles in life, but we must keep our eye on the goal. My little family does what we need to do to keep going toward the goal. Years ago when my mother gave me my first "grown up" Bible she wrote on the inside of the front cover, “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13. So this has become my life's motto. Good times or bad, abundance or famine...there is nothing that I cannot handle.


Tuition and Fees

SouthArk has one of the lowest per-hour fee structure in the State, with three tuition rates:

  • In-District for students who are residents of Union County
  • Out-of-District for students who are Arkansas residents but not residents of Union County
  • Out-of-State for residents of other states. (See Residency Requirements)
Tuition Classification Cost Per Credit Hour
In-District $81
Out-of-District $94
Out-of-State $169


Health and Natural Science

Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic  
AR Practical Exam $50
NREMT Practical Exam $150
Health Science Background Check $53
Health Science CPR $45
Health Science Insurance (Accident) $6 per semester
Health Science Insurance (Liability) $18 per semester
Health Science Program Fee $75 per semester
Health Science Student Travel and Professional Development  
Medical Lab $50 Fall/Spring semester
Occupational Therapy Assistant $50 per semester
Physical Therapist Assistant $75 Fall/Spring semester
Practical Nursing (Days/Warren) $25 per semester
Practical Nursing (Evenings) $15 per semester
Radiologic Technology $50 Fall/Spring semester
Registered Nursing $60 per semester
Respiratory Therapy $50 per semester
Surgical Technology $50/$100 Fall/Spring semester
TEAS Test (Health Admission Test) $55

Occupational Therapy Assistant Testing

AOTA $75
Licensing Prep Exam $120
Physical Therapist Assistant Testing $245

Practical Nursing

ATI Exam (Days/Warren) $145 per semester
ATI Exam (Evenings) $109 per semester
ATI Retake Exam $40
Drug Screen (Days/Warren/Evenings) $35
Radiologic Technology Testing $200

Registered Nursing

ATI Exam $175 per semester
Drug Screen $35
Supply (per course) $60 per semester
Respiratory Therapy Assessment Test $130
Respiratory Therapy Data ARC $60
SAS Critical Thinking Test $32
NACE Assessment $60

Surgical Technology

CST Practice Exam $40
Drug Screen $35
Gold Bundle Package $247
Northstar Learning $85
Test Proctoring Fee $15 per test
Transcript Free
Course Usage/Lab and Supply Fee (the amount varies per course) $5-$80 per course Usage/Lab and Supply Fees may be charged for specific classes. See the current class schedule for a list of Usage/Lab and Supply Fees.

General Information

Pass-Through Fees

Pass-Through fees may be increased or changed at any time. Pass-Through fees are defined as fees collected by the College from the student to pay for specific expenditures associated with program testing and background checks required by external third-party entities such as accrediting agencies or clinical/practicum sites. Vendors periodically increase their costs and this cost is passed on to the student.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

All fees must be paid or satisfactory arrangements for payment must be made before a student attends class. All financial obligations must be settled before graduating, re- enrolling or requesting a transcript. Library privileges may also be suspended if financial obligations are not met (See the semester schedule for more information).

Tuition Payment Plan

A monthly tuition payment plan is offered through SouthArk by Nelnet(FACTS) Business

Solutions. Enrolling for the FACTS monthly payment plan requires a $25 nonrefundable enrollment fee and a down payment on the student’s account at the time of enrollment. The enrollment fee and down payment will be drafted immediately from either a checking account or credit card. Payments are electronically processed on the 20th of each month throughout the student’s payment agreement. Students can register for this option by logging onto through Campus Connect and follow the easy online directions.

Residency Requirements

The following policy shall be used in determining the residency classification of students. Students shall be classified as in-district, out-of-district, or out-of-state based upon their bona fide domicile. Domicile means the legal home and place of permanent living of students for all purposes, and the intention to make the domicile the permanent home must have been manifested by good faith acts. Mere physical presence alone is not sufficient evidence of domicile. The domicile is the legal residence of an individual.
The domicile and legal residence of a minor student is the same as that of:
1. The parents or surviving parent; or
2. The parent to whom custody of the minor has been awarded; or
3. The parent with whom the minor in fact makes his/her home if there has been a separation of parents without judicial award of custody; or
4. An adoptive parent, where there has been a legal adoption, even though either or both of the natural parents are living.
A minor emancipated by the law of his/her domicile or on reaching the legal age of majority has the power which any adult has to acquire a different domicile and a different place of residing; however, his/her prior domicile or origin continues until he/she clearly establishes a new one. Marriage constitutes emancipation of minors, both male and female. For either an adult or an emancipated minor to acquire a new domicile, he/she must have permanently left his/her parental home, must have established a legal home (domicile) of permanent character other than for attendance in school, must have resided for six continuous months as a domiciliary, and must have no present definite intent of removing therefrom as of a certain time.
The domicile of a person is the same as that of his/her spouse as long as they live together. An out-of-state person becomes eligible for in-state or in-district tuition status for college fee purposes following marriage at such time when the spouse is or has been, domiciled in Arkansas for six continuous months.
A student who knowingly gives erroneous information in an attempt to evade payment of out-of-district or out-of-state fees shall be subject to dismissal or other disciplinary action.

Out-of-State Tuition Waiver

Arkansas income taxpayers and their dependents who reside in a county or parish recognized by the Department of Higher Education for reimbursement may enroll at South Arkansas Community College and receive an out-of-state tuition waiver. To receive the out-of-district rate, students must provide the following:
1. Proof of residence in an eligible county or parish, and
2. Documentation (W-2 form or copy of Arkansas income tax form as filed) of receipt of wages from an Arkansas employer of a minimum of $5,500 in the tax

year preceding enrollment, or
3. Official verification from an Arkansas employer of current employment at a minimum current salary of $5,500 or
4. Documentation that the student is a dependent of a nonresident Arkansas income taxpayer who provides documentation satisfying the conditions of paragraphs (1) and either (2) or (3) above.
The institution must keep the above documentation on file in the institution for enrollment audit purposes. Residents of Union, Claiborne, or Webster Parish, Louisiana, who are not eligible for the Arkansas Wage Earner out-of-state tuition waiver according to the above guidelines, will be granted a waiver equal to the difference between out-of-state and out-of-district tuition rates.

REFUND OF TUITION AND FEES Institutional Refund Policy

Students desiring to withdraw from class should refer to the withdrawal section of the
catalog or the master schedule. Upon the student’s official withdrawal from class, the
college will refund tuition and qualifying fees according to the following schedules:
Regular Semester (16-Week Term) Tuition and Fees
Before 1st day of classes ............................................................ 100% .......... 100%
Classes in session 1 through 2 class days .................................. 95% ............. 0%
Classes in session 3 through 11 class days ................................ 75% ............. 0%
Classes in session 12 through 20 class days .............................. 50% ............. 0%
After 20th class day...................................................................... 0% .............. 0%
Long Summer (10-Week Term) Tuition and Fees
Before 1st day of classes ............................................................ 100% .......... 100%
Classes in session 1 class day .................................................... 95% ............. 0%
Classes in session 2 through 6 class days .................................. 75% ............. 0%
Classes in session 8 through 10 class days ................................ 50% ............. 0%
After 10th class day...................................................................... 0% .............. 0%
First and Second Summer (Five-Week Term) Tuition and Fees
Before 1st day of classes ............................................................ 100% .......... 100%
Classes in session 1 class day .................................................... 95% ............. 0%
Classes in session 2 through 3 class days .................................. 75% ............. 0%
Classes in session 4 through 5 class days .................................. 50% ............. 0%
After 5th class day........................................................................ 0% .............. 0%
Refund periods for irregular terms (mini-mesters) are based on the percentage of time: Tuition and Fees
Before the first day of classes ................................................... 100% .......... 100%
Through the first 2.5% of the enrollment period........................ 95% ............. 0%
From 2.5% through 13.75% of the enrollment period ............... 75% ............. 0%
From 13.75% through 25% of the enrollment period ................ 50% ............. 0%
Past 25% of the enrollment period.............................................. 0% .............. 0%
Administrative cancellation of a class will result in a 100% refund of tuition and fees

for the class. The enrollment period for tuition purposes shall be defined as the first day of regularly scheduled classes until the last day of class or final examinations, excluding holidays. Refunds are calculated only on hours that reduce the student’s credit load below full-time, maximum-tuition status. Refunds are calculated based on the above refund tables regardless of non-attendance.

Tuition and Fee Payments

Tuition and Fees are due by the deadline established for early registration or on the day of registration for regular or late registration. These deadlines are established to promote an orderly and efficient registration and ensure compliance with the Arkansas Department of Higher Education student census requirements.
Students who do not meet the set payment arrangement deadlines for early and/or regular registration will be dropped from the current class schedule at the end of the business day.
Non-payment of any outstanding balance by the stated deadline will result in a financial hold on the account. All financial obligations must be settled before graduating, re- enrolling, or requesting an official transcript. Library privileges may also be suspended.
If a student fails to meet his/her financial obligation the college, any delinquent funds may be referred for collections or may be referred to the Chief Fiscal Officer of the State as outlined in the State Accounting Procedures Manual.
In extreme situations, the Chief Fiscal Officer is authorized to make exceptions to these
rules, within the parameters of all applicable laws and regulations.

Allocation of Refunds and Overpayments

If a student who received Title IV Assistance (other than assistance under the Federal Work Study Program) is owed a refund or if a student who received Title IV Assistance (other than assistance under the Federal Work Study, Federal Direct Loan, Federal PLUS, Federal SLS, Federal Direct Stafford, or Federal Direct PLUS Programs) must repay an overpayment, the institution shall allocate that refund and any overpayment collected from the student in the following order:
1. Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan
2. Subsidized Federal Direct Loan
3. Federal PLUS Loan
4. Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan
5. Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan
6. Federal Direct PLUS Loan
7. Federal Perkins Loan
8. Federal Pell Grants
9. Federal SEOG
10. Other assistance awarded under programs authorized by Title IV
11. Federal, State, private, or institutional assistance to the student

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Forms

How do I apply for financial aid?

The very first step is to complete the FAFSA. This is done online at Once you have completed the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) you will receive a 1 page Student Aid Report (SAR) back from the Department of Education. The school(s) you listed on the FAFSA will receive an Institutional Student Information Report (ISIR). When we receive the ISIR, we will send a request for additional information needed to complete your financial aid file. Complete any requested forms/letters and return them to the financial aid department as soon as possible. Once we have the results of the FAFSA and a complete financial aid file we will determine your eligibility for financial aid. If you are eligible, we will send you an Award Notification Postcard instructing you to view your award letter on MyCampus (see #3 below regarding this).

What is a FAFSA, how do I fill it out and, why do I need it fill it out?

 FAFSA is an acronym for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is used to gather information on you &/or your parents by which your eligibility for aid can be determined. The FAFSA is online, but a worksheet to assist you is available for download or you can pick one up in the Financial Aid Office. Be sure to apply for an FSA ID in order to electronically sign the FAFSA. You (and at least one parent for dependent students) must have an FSI ID for the FAFSA to be processed. If you do not have an FSA ID, be sure to print the signature page and mail it immediately as instructed on the form. If you do not complete the FAFSA, you will not be eligible for any federal Title IV aid (this includes student loans). At first glance, the FAFSA Worksheet can seem a bit intimidating, but in actuality there are only 4 pages of the worksheet and some instructions. Read the instructions carefully, fill out ALL the questions you know the answers to, then, if you still need help with the worksheet or the online portion, the financial aid office will be glad to assist you. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the FAFSA Online worksheet and key it in. You will need to have a copy of your tax return and other amounts of income in order to fill it out.

When will I know if I am eligible for financial aid?

 When you send in your FAFSA the school will receive an ISIR based on the information you submitted. Upon receiving the ISIR, we will send you a letter requesting additional information. Please fill out and return all requested materials within 3 weeks. After receiving ALL information back from you & if you are eligible, we will send you an award notification postcard informing you that your aid package (which is a detailed listing of the financial aid for which you are eligible) is ready for you to view and accept or decline. This is done via the MyCampus system. If you need assistance with logging into MyCampus or need to obtain your MyCampus username and password, please contact the Enrollment Services Office. The whole process can take as long as 6 weeks!!!

How do I apply for a loan?

 The first step in applying for a loan is to complete the FAFSA (see #2 above).  Once we have the ISIR back, (usually 1- 2 weeks) we can begin to determine your eligibility for all aid, including loans.  To determine your eligibility, you must have a complete financial aid file. The next step is to complete a loan application, a Master Promissory Note (MPN), and if this is your first direct loan the entrance interview.  The Entrance Interview may be completed at  You will need your FSA ID in order to complete the MPN process.  Once we have received a completed loan application and confirmation of your completed entrance counseling interview, we will complete a Needs Analysis to determine your eligibility for a loan.  The proceeds may be disbursed in 2 installments per semester (subject to change without notice) and can be picked up in the Bookstore.  (See #7 below for information regarding whether your loan check is in). The government will not send any loan proceeds until they have received a completed MPN.

Has my pell grant been approved?

 Technically, there is no such thing as a person's pell grant being "approved" or "disapproved".  A student's eligibility for a Pell Grant, or any other federal/state financial aid is determined primarily from the information submitted on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  When SouthArk receives the results of the FAFSA, we determine if the student is, or is not, eligible for a Pell grant and/or other federal/state aid.  This is done per federal and state guidelines.  Once the determination has been made, SouthArk will send the student an award notification postcard notifying them that their eligibility has been determined.  The student then should log into MyCampus, go to Student Information, and then "accept/decline aid package".  Students should indicate which awards they will accept by checking the appropriate box and clicking submit at the bottom. (see #3 above regarding eligibility for financial aid).

Has my Pell check come in yet?

 The terminology "pell grant check" is a bit misleading.  There really is not any such thing as a "pell grant check".  What most students mean when they ask this question is, "Has my refund been processed and is the check ready to be picked up?"   If a student receives financial aid in excess of their tuition, fees, and books, the Business Office will process a refund check.  Refund checks will be available around the midpoint of the semester.  Notices will be posted on all campuses and sent via email when checks are available to be picked up in the Bookstore.  You must present proper I.D. to pick up a refund check.

Is my loan check in yet?

 First, be sure that you have actually applied for a loan. (See #4 above on applying for a loan)  Many students think they have applied for a loan when they fill out the FAFSA.  However, the loan application is totally separate from the FAFSA.  The proceeds may be disbursed in 2 installments per semester (Subject to change without notice).  A letter stating the amount & date of a student's loan disbursement will be mailed when the funds are received at the school.  It takes AT LEAST 7 to 10 business days from the date on the letter (and sometimes as many as 14 days) for loan refund checks to be ready for pickup in the Bookstore.  Notices will be posted on all campuses when the first loan refund checks are available to be picked up.

How do I apply for a Federal College Work Study (CWS) job?

 The first step in applying for CWS is to fill out the FAFSA (see #2 above).  Once we have the results, we will inform you of your eligibility for CWS in your award package.  Students will interview with the potential employer.  If hired, you must provide us a copy of your driver's license and social security card and complete payroll documents (available in the Financial Aid Office) before you can begin working under the CWS program.  You must also view an instructional powerpoint further explaining the FWS Program and the Do's & Don'ts.  You may also be required to complete an Employability Skills Assessment in the Testing Center.

Can I receive financial aid in the summer?

 POSSIBLY. You may be able to receive financial aid in the summer if two conditions are met: 1) you still meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements &; 2) if there are available funds for which you are eligible.  You must also complete the Summer Enrollment Intention Form available in the Financial Aid Office.  There will be notices posted on all campuses & sent via student email when this form is available (usually sometime in April).  If you meet the two conditions listed above, we must then determine what funds are available for which you are eligible.  There are many sources of aid that may be available such as Pell grant, work study, SEOG &/or loans.

How do I know what scholarships I am eligible for and how do I apply for them?

 SouthArk has many institutional and Foundation scholarships available.  A complete list of scholarships and the qualifications for them can be found on SouthArk's website (  In order to apply for scholarships, you must complete the All-In-One Online Application also located on the SouthArk webpage.  The priority deadline is March 1st.  You can also check the internet for other scholarships.  Check with the financial aid office for a list of some of the best sites available.  General scholarship announcements are sent to students via the SouthArk All-Students email system. 

Phone and Fax Numbers

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Important Dates

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