A. Permanent (Degree/Certificate Seeking at SouthArk) - Students previously enrolled in other postsecondary institutions must provide evidence of good standing at those institutions. An official transcript must be sent from each institution previously attended to the office of admissions. Students transferring with fifteen (15) or more semester hours earned in general education course work will not be required to take placement tests. However, transfer students must demonstrate basic skills in English and mathematics with either test scores or satisfactory completion of courses.

  1. Students who are not eligible for readmission to their previous institution will be considered for conditional admission.
  2. Transfer students who are on academic probation at their previous institution will be placed on continued academic probation upon admission.
  3. Transfer students will be subject to the probation policy and procedures for students who are on probation. All transcripts should be received by the Admissions Office prior to enrollment.

B. Transient (Non-degree/Non-certificate Seeking at SouthArk) - Students who are maintaining primary enrollment at another college or university may enroll in courses to be transferred back to the parent institution. A college transcript from the parent institution showing evidence of good standing must be provided prior to fall and spring enrollment. Summer transient students are only required to submit an application, high school transcript, shot records, and proof that they have successfully completed any prerequisites.

C. Conditional Transfer Admission (Probation or Suspension) - Students who are on academic probation from their previous postsecondary institution will be placed on "conditional admission" status. Upon successful completion of twelve semester hours of college-level courses (1000 levels or higher) with a grade point of 2.0 or higher, students admitted conditionally shall be given regular admission status. Students who fall into the category of "Probation" or "Suspension” as defined in the South Arkansas Community College catalog are subject to those guidelines. All students who are on probationary status must see a counselor to develop an academic plan prior to enrollment.