Although internship requirement vary across majors, general requirement for all students include:

  • Completion of 12 hours in the field of study which the internship is being sought.
  • All internships must be approved by faculty member in that field of study (Approved by faculty member in the field of study).

  • Students must have completed all Basic Studies and Pre-requisites.
  • Students must have a "cumulative GPA" (Grade Point Average) of 2.50 (Completion of all Basic Studies and Pre-requisites).


    Payment of the appropriate fees as required by college if the internship is for credit.


Program Timeline

Internships are a one semester commitment with opportunities in all semesters.

Applications must be completed by deadline (Oct. 15, March 15, July 30).  Each student will interview with their prospective internship site manager before the semester begins.

Every student accepted into the internship program must complete a 3 hour orientation prior to first day at internship site (includes a soft skills assessment).  Complete all assignments during the semester regarding their internship.


Grading will be assessed according to full completion of all assignments within time guidelines, and evaluations.  At successful completion of the Internship the student will have earned 3 credit hours toward his degree.


  • Internship opportunities maybe paid or unpaid and will be set by the internship site.
  • Interns are not generally eligible for unemployment benefits resulting from internship experience.
  • Interns are not promised a full time position at the end of the Internship semester.



  • Sue Bowman, MA
    El Dorado Conference and Student Center
    Suite 242