Student Government Executive Council:

  • Skylar Jones-President
  • Jasmine Ferguson-Vice President
  • Aly Coker-Secretary
  • Terrell Glosson-Treasurer
  • Janice Shelton-Historian

Student Government's mission:

  • To serve as an official and representative student organization
  • To serve as the official voice through which student opinion may be expressed
  • To investigate student issues or concerns or challenges and take appropriate action
  • To encourage the development of responsible student participation in the overall policy and decision making process at SouthArk
  • To foster an awareness of the student's role in the learning community
  • To enhance the quality and scope of education at the college
  • To provide means for responsible and effective participation in the organization of student life 

Student Government consists of an Executive Council and a Senate comprised of elected SouthArk students who meet regularly to introduce, discuss and vote on legislation for the student body.  Students have the right of inquiry, speech and petition before the Student Government Council.  All students are encouraged to attend the open meetings.