The college experience can be challenging to students. The counselor can help students face these challenges in a compassionate, caring way. The counselor can help students effectively cope with personal, interpersonal, and academic challenges they may face in college life. Typical reasons to see the counselor may include test anxiety, relationship problems, poor communication, or depression. Rest assured, SouthArk deeply cares about the wellbeing of each of its students and provides counseling to students free of charge.

Students may be referred to the counselor through the Behavioral Review Team process, following a complaint or concern for a student’s wellbeing. Students can also be referred non-formally by faculty or staff by phone for issues that do not pose a serious threat to the student or others. The counselor will then contact the student and set up an appointment.

Students who would like to find out more about counseling can come by or call SouthArk’s counselor, Vanessa Williams, at 870-875-7235, El Dorado Conference and Student Center, Room 211. If coming by in person, all students need to sign in at the Student Services Desk.  See brochure here.